Does this sound like you?

You are motivated, driven and hard working...and tired of saying you have “no time” left to focus on yourself.
You’re a little lost when identifying what self-care looks like for you, making it hard to know where your energy is best used when caring for yourself.

If so, you're in the right spot.

We define self-care as

living in alignment with your values & taking action to make space for the activities the fuel your purpose

Workshop Topics

Your self-care

Exploring Life Balance

Being off balance in different areas of life is a reality and necessary in order for you to achieve your goals and succeed in life. But you can only sustain this imbalance for a short time before it leads to conflict in your relationships, increased stress and exhaustion. By taking this workshop and looking at how you choose to spend your time; you will be able to identify small tweaks you can make to create a routine. We will help you to do this in a practical & sustainable way.

ReDefining Interests

When you find yourself in the midst of a busy routine and a long list of to-do’s, leisure activities are typically the first thing to be sacrificed. However, when you deprive yourself of leisure you are also stripping yourself of the many positive elements leisure provides to your overall well-being. Your leisure preferences change throughout your life and if you haven’t enjoyed activities, ‘just for the sake of it’, it can be a real struggle to figure out what you like to do for fun. In this workshop you will identify the fun activities you didn’t realize you were missing and remember the ones you may have forgotten about. We will help you figure out where & when you can fit them into your routine so you can start feeling more enjoyment and ease.

Clarifying Values

Throughout your day-to-day roles it is easy to slide into autopilot, saying yes to many opportunities, disregarding healthy boundaries and forgetting the purpose of many current habits and routines. If you haven’t clearly identified your core values, this autopilot mode can become a huge challenge to break out of, leaving you feeling overextended, lost and without purpose. When you aren’t intentionally living in alignment with your values, everyday decisions, tasks and situations can unknowingly drain you of your energy resulting in decision fatigue. During this workshop you will clarify your core values and assess the alignment of your current actions with them. We will help you establish a way to shift everyday actions towards your true intentions and turn off autopilot mode.

Workshop Benefits

What you get


Gain clarity on your own values and priorities


Make decisions, quicker and with greater ease


Understand your unique needs & set boundaries to care for yourself

More Done

Accomplish more things during your day with greater purpose


Integrate strategies into your day that promote well-being


Enjoy less stress & more meaning in all areas of your life

Workshop Formats

Ways we can serve you

Private Workshops

Looking for a fun girls night or creative couples get together that will leave you feeling purposeful, productive & connected? We offer private workshops in your home, a local restaurant or your favorite coffee shop. You bring your favorite people and we'll bring everything else.

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Virtual Workshops

Want to join others, just like you, who are taking action towards their self-care, without leaving your home? We offer virtual workshops where you can meet others face to face, get inspired to care for yourself and build real connections with like minded people.

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