What They Say

"After taking the ReDefining Interests workshop I remembered all the forgotten items on my "Things I Want To Do and Learn" list. That's a real thing... I have one... And it's been lost recently. The questions that were asked during the workshop made me evaluate how I was spending my leisure time. They helped me to realize some things of which I was completely unaware.

I also loved meeting new people from the workshop. I would recommend WonderWell because it opened my mind a bit, and that's a good thing for everyone!"

Abby Nurre

Joy Truxel

"Time would have been the only obstacle preventing me from using your service however the one hour time-length of the workshop was absolutely perfect.

Rarely in life do you get the opportunity to be challenged and inspired. This WonderWell workshop did both. I submit my highest recommendation

If you are considering WonderWell, I would encourage you to try a workshop. Get out of your comfort zone, keep an open mind, meet some badass people with similar life goals, and better yourself in the process. You won't be disappointed."