"We believe self-care should be simple, practical & sustainable"

Challenge Details

This challenge has been designed for you to take time for yourself & WonderWell.

You’ll pick something that you want to change about your self-care.

Maybe it’s something that you’ve already tried doing but it hasn’t stuck.

Maybe it’s picking up a new hobby, or waking up earlier, or reading more.

Then you will add 'just one more', each day, for 30 days.

 One more minute, one more chapter, one more push-up/sit-up, one more sip or maybe saying hi to one more person.

Over the course of 30 days you will be naturally carving out time for '30' of whatever your self-care activity is.

We'll do this together, bit by bit, & with the support of weekly check-ins, daily prompts, and a little mindfulness.

The changes in your routine will be so small, it will seem effortless to build this activity into a consistent part of your self-care.

This is for you if


You already know you want to make some sort of change in your routines/self-care


You've already tried to make changes in your routine, but those changes haven’t stuck


You want to improve your self-care and wellbeing by making a small adjustment into your routine


You have a lot of things that you're working towards, yet finding it hard to stick to one thing for a bit

Sound like you?

If so then
who are committed to taking care of themselves.