Brooke here. Since quitting my full time job in October of 2018 I have had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing what so many individuals deal with…bad quality of sleep or no sleep at all. I didn’t realize how good I had it, when I hadn’t dealt with this lack of sleep problem before. Let me tell you. I get it now. It sucks.

I realized I was waking up thinking about a lot of new ideas and things I wanted to take action on towards building a business. That realization led me to implementing a self-care routine to counter the building anxiety I was feeling.


I recently learned the average American adult consumes about 12 hours of media per day resulting in your brain doing A LOT of processing. 

That made me stop & think, how much time do I spend consuming information via different media?


I started asking “what am I really doing with all the information” I come into contact throughout out the day. Am I taking action on all of it? Am I storing in my head for a later date? Am I pushing it to the side to make room for more? Am I losing sleep from information overwhelm?


  • Keep a notebookpen next to my bed where I will see it each night
  • Use timer on phone or set one up in an app for one click ease


  1. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes, something small so I will be sure to do it
  2. Write down anything & everything that pops into my head until my timer goes off
  3. Set my timer for another 3-5 minutes
  4. From my brain dump, I identify actionable tasks that are on my mind
  5. Then I put these action tasks in my app that I use to manage my day [i.e: calendar, to-do list, reminder app]

When I take the 13 minutes to do this simple routine I sleep really good, each and every time. I go to bed with a clear mind & a good plan for the next day, which allows me to sleep in peace knowing that things aren’t slipping through the cracks. I am still working on making this an automatic routine, but until then I will continue to practice with kindness towards myself.

Practice with kindness.

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