But why?

Karena here. Last year, on one regular February evening, Brooke & I were hanging out at my place, sitting on the floor around the coffee table, leisurely working on a puzzle. You know, puzzles are such a wonderful, passive activity that usually leads to a good conversation. And that’s exactly what happened.

The conversation though extra simplified, went something like this:
Brooke: “Our current job is to help people develop life skills and take care of themselves. Why don’t we start a business doing this in the community?” Karena: “Oh that’s a great idea! Let’s do it.”

When life gets busy, who’s naturally the first person that gets forgotten about? Pushed aside? Ourselves. And we all know that we can’t pour from an empty cup.

So here we are, one year later. Through WonderWell, we help you incorporate more self-care into your busy life. Self-care doesn’t need to be something “extra” to add to your already-too-long to-do list. 

We’re here to remind you of how awesome you are, and we want you to know that you aren’t alone in this journey. 

We understand that sometimes a little word of encouragement, “you’re doing just fine”, goes a long way. 

That, in a little nutshell, is our “Why” behind WonderWell. 
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