You know self-care is important but did know that your self-care needs change depending on the day, time and situation?

When self-care is hard to pin point, taking action for yourself is that much harder.  It can sometimes feel like trying to put 3 different puzzles together, at the same time, in the dark!

We are here to make that struggle a little easier. Awareness is a huge piece of the self-care puzzle. Awareness is like the table and all your different self-care tasks are the puzzle pieces. You can put a puzzle together without a table but wouldn’t it be a lot easier with a solid foundation?

Awareness of where your time is spent is the first valuable step in taking care of yourself. The more understanding you have of your current time use, the more realistic you can be with implementing self-care tasks on a day to day basis. You will also be more effective at proactively adjusting for the things that you value and need most. The result? You decrease the amount of guilt and comparison you put on yourself by objectively viewing your current capacity.

In puzzle terms: the more awareness you gain, the more solid your foundation becomes, the more puzzle pieces you can fit together and the more relaxed and focused you become as you build your puzzle with meaning and purpose.

Interested to see where you’re at with your time? Check out our TimeWheel tool found here.

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