This morning as I was sipping on my coffee, scrolling through the usual social media-Instagram, Facebook, and email, I noticed how much information we have access to. The information is abundant, quickly given to us, the quicker the better, and it’s everywhere we look. So much information that sometimes, if you truly pay attention to it, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed or bombarded.

Bombarded with opt-ins, with freebies, with resources, challenges, and “Top 5” lists. There is an abundance of useful, helpful information on just about everything your heart desires, including wellness and self-care.

You already know that you need to take care of yourself. You know the link between self-care and mood, stress level, productivity, and your overall mental health. You’re probably already following several wellness people on social media for inspiration or motivation, purchased a massage/gym membership/the latest and greatest gadget that initially had you thinking, “this’ll get me out of my funk!” And yet here you are, still not feeling like you’re doing enough, being enough.

We get it. We hear you. Working at a psychiatric hospital with an environment that’s prime time for quick burnout, we’ve felt that, too. The constant daily grind, just checking things off the to-do list, finding ourselves going through the motion, asking ourselves, “Is this it?”

First off, if you’re really struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, ask for help. Psychology today is a great starting point to help you find the best therapist for you. 

The information is out there. It’s abundant and interesting and educational and could definitely be useful…if you only knew how to apply it specifically into your own life. If you only knew which information would really be most beneficial to you and your life. If you knew exactly where it fit into your already-too-packed schedule, because we know that you don’t have enough time to add anything else to your plate.  

That’s where we come in. Our workshops are designed to simplify self-care and to incorporate it into your already busy day. We are the bridge between the wonderful information that’s already out there, and your life. 

Ready to learn more? We’re starting a simple 30-day self-care challenge on February 13 (that’s next Wednesday!) and you can sign up here. It’s free. It’s fun. And we’d love for you to join us.

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