Allow us to formally introduce ourselves as we have some new faces around here. Welcome to our little space on this world wide web. What do we do?? We are occupational therapists that are on a mission to simplify self-care.

We also enjoy yoga, trying new recipes and binge watching The Office. These are some things that we like to do to fill our time, also known as our occupations. What are some of yours?

As occupational therapists we think of “occupation” as any task you need/want to do in the “job” of living. We work with people like you to identify ways to make that task (aka, occupation) more manageable for you.

Here at WonderWell we narrow in on the occupation of self-care.

Self-care changes from person to person and can include a whole list of things. Things like prioritizing based on your values. Identifying AND doing fun things…not just wishing you were. And awareness to how your time is spent on a day to day basis (the first step to change!)….just to name a few.

How do you define self-care? Let us know!

p.s. Have you heard about our free self-care challenge starting February 13? If you’re with the 75% of people that have fallen off the resolution bandwagon, this is for you. The link is on our website (and also found here) and we’d love for you to join us!

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