We love podcasts. Podcasts have played a huge part in how we’ve learned about business. They can be a nugget of education, motivation, or entertainment, and listening to them makes long drives, doing mundane task (such as cleaning) much more bearable. Lately though, instead of the tv or  music, I (Karena) have taken a liking to just sitting on the couch to fully immerse myself in the podcast, jotting down notes along the way. Listening to people’s stories or conversations brings me a sense of connection and feeling connected brings in so many other wonderful, good feelings.

A few of our favorites?

  • How I Built This
  • Being Boss
  • Goal Digger
  • Ted Radio Hour
  • Dr. Death (for a real thriller)
  • What the Fit (local and great for anyone that is into fitness)

We’d love to know: What are a few of your favorite podcasts? How do you incorporate listening to them into your day?

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